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Where can I get 43065 Invisalign?

At Powell Dental Group LLC, we’ve established a reputation for providing the highest quality of skilled and compassionate care. From routine checkups, cleanings emergency care and dental sleep medicine, to the latest in implant, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, we are well equipped to address a comprehensive range of dental needs. For patients interested in enhancing the appearance of their smiles, we offer a fabulous range of custom solutions. Whether you are considering having your teeth professionally whitened, a complete smile makeover with dental veneers, or orthodontic care with 43065 Invisalign®[1] treatment, our dentists deliver the finest quality results.

43065 Invisalign

With modern advances in orthodontic technology, many patients no longer need to wear conventional braces to achieve a more well-aligned smile. Thanks to 43065 Invisalign treatment , we can provide a virtually invisible approach to care. By simply wearing a custom series of clear, BPA-free plastic aligners as prescribed, your teeth can be incrementally moved into their correct positions. Chief among the many benefits of Invisalign treatment is that no one but yourself will ever know your undergoing care and you’ll be able to maintain your professional appearance every step of the way! Treatment begins with a sophisticated bite analysis. By using advanced computer imaging software, we can create and analyze a digital impression of your smile. Using this information, the Invisalign laboratory fabricates a series of aligners designed to the exact requirements of your smile. Lightweight, fitted to the contours of your teeth, and completely removable for short periods of time, your orthodontic treatment will hardly interfere with your ordinary routine. Moreover, brushing, flossing, and eating your favorite foods can all be done just as before!

If you’re thinking about the benefits of discreet orthodontic treatment with 43065 Invisalign, plan on scheduling a consultation at our office to find out if you’re eligible. To get started, call Powell Dental Group LLC today!

[1] Invisalign is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.

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